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Front-catch as the technical paddling terminology has it, is one of the most important process of propelling a paddle-powered water vessel forward. Front - refers to the position of the paddle at the starting position in front of the paddler. Catch - refers to the moment the paddle engages the water. The execution of a proper front-catch technique determines whether a boat can be efficiently propelled forward.

We are a paddling activities service provider that endeavours to promote paddling sports like dragonboating, kayaking and canoeing both as a way of life, and as competitive sports. Like our company's namesake, we aspire to be perfect in the execution of service and products delivery to our clients, and yet keep it at an affordable level so that everyone can participate!

Paddling for everyone!
As Singapore sees more and more waterways opening up for public use through PUB's Active.Beautiful.Clean (ABC) project, the opportunity to pick up paddling sports becomes a reality for every Singaporeans. Front Catch! wishes to be part of this new vision by providing services and infrastructure to facilitate the use of these waterways for leisure and recreation, for one and all!

Grow our youths!
Through our various familiarisation and sports training programme, Front Catch! endeavours to promote paddling sports to our youths, and to provide an opportunity for them to discover their own sporting talents, develop physical and mental fitness and build strength of character.

Developing the business community!
Front Catch! also understands the needs of the corporate and business community in developing your human assets. Thus, we offer to provide specially tailored dragonboat programmes designed to develop team work, camaraderie and competitive spirit for your staffs. Knowing that the business community places great emphasis on competitive dragonboating, Front Catch! has well-trained coaches that can train your team to compete in the numerous dragonboat races organised all year round in Singapore. Also, Front Catch! is keen in promoting a healthy workforce through your employees' active engagements in sports like dragon boating, canoeing and/or kayaking.

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