Kayaking & Canoeing

Modern interest in canoeing and kayaking as a recreation and sport was brought about by John MacGregor, who designed the Rob Roy in 1845, a canoe he built, based off sketchings of Inuit canoes and kayaks. MacGregor later formed the Canoe Club in 1866 with other canoe and kayak enthusiasts, and they brought about competitive canoeing with their first regatta in 1873. Kayaking became a part of the Berlin Olympics in 1936, with the introduction of four events. The white-water race and slalom events were added to the Olympics later.

There are many canoe disciplines such as sea kayaking, sprint and marathon canoeing, canoe polo and white water canoeing.

At Front Catch!, we offer programmes for people who wish to pick up flatwater racing.

Flatwater K1 Kayak Sprint

Flatwater Racing Familiarisation Programme

The objectives of the programme are to expose more people to flatwater canoe/kayak racing as a sport and to promote competitive canoeing/kayak in the hope of raising the standard of the sport in Singapore. Participants will learn the basics of handling a racing canoe/kayak.

We can also customise various kayaking and canoeing proficiency courses and programmes to fit your requirements and interests.

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